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Scientists Say Dark Matter Is A Fluid Which Possesses Negative Gravity

Recent scientific developments have perhaps revealed a unifying of dark energy and dark matter into a single and distinct phenomenon. This phenomenon is theorized to be a fluid which has negative mass. This negative mass would move towards you if pushed. This new theory is representative of Einstein’s predictions made roughly one hundred years ago.

Current models of the universe reveal nothing regarding the physical nature of dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter and dark energy are only known in regard to the gravitational effects they have on other matter.

This new theory states that dark matter and dark energy contain negative gravity, which consists of repelling all other material around it.

Additionally, this new theory also provides the first accurate predictions regarding the behavior of dark matter halos. Scientists observe most galaxies to be moving so rapidly that they should be destroying themselves, yet they are not.

This new theory suggests that invisible halos of dark matter could be the reason that galaxies are not destroyed.

Einstein theorized similarly regarding dark matter and dark energy through equations known as the ‘cosmological constant’. Einstein eventually dismissed these equations as nonsense. Today, these equations are proving to be accurate.

Previous attempts to combine dark matter and dark energy have failed due to attempts to modify Einstein’s theory of relativity. This new theory uses two older ideas known to be compatible with Einstein’s theory. These older ideas are negative masses and negative creation.

The radio telescope Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will perform tests in order to prove this new theory. Researchers claim that there are still many issues with the theory to work through. Specifically, scientists hope that SKA can match other observational evidence in relation to our cosmology. If the data matches, the missing 95% of the cosmos can be more accurately understood.

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