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How to Unblock and Balance Your Chakra System

The chakra system is a very complicated energetic system. This system is comprised of energy sources that help regulate our psychological qualities. Having our chakras in balance can really help you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If chakras are not balanced, inner peace will be hard to achieve. Some Chakras can be almost closed, blocked or overactive. This will cause an imbalance in our emotions but there is a way to balance them all and it isn’t that hard.

Root Chakra

The root chakra is found at the base of the spine. It is based on your feelings of safety and survival, how physically aware and comfortable you feel in situations. The Root is connected to beliefs, finances, identity, and deals with issues of abandonment, unworthiness and insecurity. It is the foundation of our connection to the Earth.

If your root chakra is under-active, you might act fearful, nervous or easily feel unwelcome. If it is overactive, you might feel materialistic, greedy, overly secure and unwelcome to change. A practice to unblock and balance the root chakra would be to focus your attention inwardly within the body as this chakra is specifically connected to the body.

You can do yoga, go for a walk, clean or any type of exercise will help you raise your inner body awareness. Additionaly you can also do a grounding or root chakra meditation with a mudra that helps with grounding, repeat the phrase “Lam.” Try wearing Red or listening to root chakra opening music. You can also visualize a red flower blooming giving off powerful energy while you meditate. Additionally you can lightly tap the area around where the chakra is found at the base of the spine or on top of the thighs.

Sacral Chakra

This is the second chakra and also called the womb chakra and it is the center of creativity and sexuality. It is related to your feelings and joy. When the chakra is out of balanced or blocked, you can act with jealousy, anger, promiscuity and codependency. When it is in balance creativity and love will be empowered.

Wearing orange colours can help improve the strength of the sacral chakra. Doing a meditation on your knees with a straight back. Keeping your palms up and on top of eachother with the left hand underneath the right.

Let the thumbs slightly touch. Concentrate on the sacral chakra or listen to sacral chakra opening music. You can also chant “Vam.” You can also tap just below the belly button.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the third chakra and it is the center of identity and self. It is located below the sternum. It represents confidence, self-esteem, self-control, personal choices and actions. This chakra focuses on judgements and opinions of the world and yourself.

When it is under-active, you can be passive, indecisive and apprehensive. Emotions you are likely to feel are fear, guilt and intimidation. When it is overactive you could feel imperious and aggressive. But when it is in balance you can feel trusting, responsible, powerful and have strong self-esteem.

Tapping right below your sternum can help open up the navel chakra. Do a meditation with your hands in front of your stomach, join your fingers at the tops and point them away from you, crossing your thumbs and straightening the fingers. Either do the meditation while chanting “Ram” or while listening to navel chakra music. You can also wear yellow to increase your navel chakra power.

Heart Chakra

This is the fourth chakra and it represents love, caring and endearment. It is also the central chakra, located in the centre of your chest. It is responsible for unconditional love, intimacy, desires, forgiveness, sending or receiving love.

When it is under-active, you can be cold, lonely and unfriendly. During overactivity you can be clingy and selfish. When the chakra is in balance you will be at peace with yourself and everything around you, you can manifest your desires and helps with inner healing.

You can tap the middle of your chest to open your heart chakra. When you meditate, put your left hand on the left knee and your right hand in the front of your chest. Put the tip of your pointer finger touching your thumb on both hands. Either say “Yam” or listen to heart chakra meditation music. The colour of the heart chakra is green, wearing green will be of also aid in opening the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra

This is the fifth chakra and it is focused on self-expression and communication. When this chakra is balanced you will easily express yourself, you are open and have lots of creativity. When the chakra is out of balance, you could experience criticism, untruthfulness, bitterness, addiction and shyness. If it is over-active, you may talk to much, annoy people and be a bad listener.

To do a throat chakra meditation, cross your fingers on the inside of your hands, let the thumbs touch the top and pull them up a bit. Say “Ham.” Listening to throat chakra meditation music can also be helpful. Try wearing blue often if you want to strengthen your throat chakra. Doing an activity where you write 10 adjectives that best describe you can also help.

Third Eye Chakra

This is the sixth chakra and it is located in the in the third eye. This chakra is focused on intuition, insight, clairvoyance and wisdom. When it is under-active, you usually don’t think for yourself, you have trouble learning and you might be confused a lot. If it is overactive, you might be living in a dream world and not able to see realty. In some extreme cases can hallucinate or daydreaming more than being present and aware of reality.

To do a meditation on opening your third eye chakra, put your hands in front of the lower part of the chest. The middle fingers should be straight and touch the tops, pointing away from you and the other fingers are bent and touch the two upper fingers. The thumbs point towards you and meet at the tips. Repeat “Aum.” Listen to third eye meditation music can also help.

The colour indigo relates to this chakra. Wear Indigo if you feel you want an additional boost to your third eye chakra.

Crown Chakra

This is the seventh chakra and it is very spiritual. It is located on the top of the head and helps you to feel at one with the universe. When this chakra is open and balanced you will have no prejudice and you will be more connected to yourself and the world.

When it is under-active, you will not be very spiritual and your thinking is likely to be very rigid. Genetic disorders and selfishness might happen as well. If it is overactive, you will try to intellectualize everything, Spirituality will be above all else, to the point where you can easily ignore bodily needs.

When you meditate on the crown chakra, make sure your foundation is strong, a strong crown does not mean a weak root. So strengthen your root chakra first. Do a ten minute meditation as an introduction. Listen to crown chakra meditation music or repeat “Om” while you meditate. Lay your hand on your stomach and let the little fingers point up and away from you, touching at the tips. Cross the rest of the fingers with the left thumb under the right. Additionally you can wear violet if you want to further strengthen the crown.

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