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The Kybalion by The Three Initiates

Updated: Feb 21

1984 by George Orwell

The Kybalion

by The Three Initiates

Is a profound exploration of Hermetic philosophy, unraveling seven universal principles. From the Principle of Mentalism, emphasizing the power of the mind, to the Law of Correspondence, highlighting the interconnectedness of all things, each principle delves into the essence of mysticism and the alchemical nature of existence.

This timeless guide invites readers to contemplate the laws governing the universe, encouraging a deeper understanding of reality and the transformative potential within the individual's grasp. It serves as a beacon for those seeking esoteric wisdom and keys to unlocking the mysteries of life.


Genre: Spiritual / Hermetism

Year Published: 1908.

Country: USA.



About the Author:

The identity of the author behind "The Kybalion" remains enigmatic, attributed to the pseudonymous Three Initiates. Emerging in the early 20th century, the Three Initiates present a synthesis of Hermetic teachings, drawing from ancient wisdom and esoteric traditions. The deliberate anonymity adds a mysterious layer to the work, inviting readers to focus on the teachings rather than the personalities behind them.

"The Kybalion" continues to resonate across generations, testament to the enduring impact of its insights into universal principles and the timeless quest for spiritual enlightenment. While speculation surrounds the true identity of the Three Initiates, the significance lies in the profound influence of "The Kybalion" itself. Its teachings bridge ancient mysticism with modern understanding, offering a roadmap for those seeking deeper insights into the mysteries of existence. Whether viewed as an intellectual guide or a spiritual manual, the authorship mystery only adds to the allure of this timeless work, ensuring its enduring relevance in the realms of philosophy and metaphysics.


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