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This New Cannabis Capsule Is So Potent It Could Replace Every Pain Killer

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

As more and more people are starting to realize, the pharmaceutical industry is basically one big legal drug ring.

Just as people get addicted to heroin and methamphetamine, pharmaceutical companies push drugs with slightly altered chemical compositions deemed legal by the government.

The one good thing to come of this is the increased demand for natural and alternative treatments that lie outside the domain of 'Big Pharma.'

One substance in particular has been seen to hold great medicinal potential, and that's cannabis (marijuana).

One of the most convenient methods of CBD use is capsule form. Simply swallow your dosage and let the capsule do the rest. No mixing, no measuring, no worries.

Capsules are great for on-the-go types and those who don't want to be bothered with flavor or texture of oil.

Not only that, but just one dose a day can have a dramatic effect on your overall health, vitality and well-being by literally feeding the main balancing system in your body.

It will not get you high and is 100% legal in all 50 states. Click HERE to learn more about the new painkiller for the next generation!

If you're looking for additional pain relief, try combining the CBD capsules with with THC (tetrahyracannabinol).

The combination together creates the perfect effect to relieve pain, according to user reports.

The THC helps send happy feelings to the brain, while the CBD helps promote relaxation of the muscles. This helps reduce muscle spasms as well as inflammation, according to many user reviews.

After taking the capsules, one user described the area from her waist to her thighs as "floating in some other galaxy." It helped ease up any clenched, tense muscles and completely got rid of all of the pain in her midsection.

If you're looking for quality hemp derived products, SOL✿CBD is your best choice.

Since 1991 their hemp farmers have been discovering the best cultivation techniques used to grow the highest quality hemp plants possible.

SOL✿CBD takes those beautiful plants and carefully, without cutting corners, does an extraction that maintains whole plant integrity.

The CBD along with all the other beneficial terpenes are added to an organic MCT oil, which is a wonderful carrier used for maximum absorption.

This gives you a superior product with the same results as the leading prescription drugs, but naturally and with no side effects!

Many have called CBD Mother Nature's answer to pain. SOL✿CBD contains ultra high-quality sourced cannabidiol which is backed by thousands of scientific studies.

We also want to be clear that CBD is still a very new compound in terms of attention from the medical research community, and so no definitive links have been found to prove that CBD works in certain ways for everyone.

That being said, there is a massive community of people across America (and the world) who are currently using CBD to self-treat for pain management in both acute and chronic settings.

Additionally, there is substantial ongoing CBD research looking at CBD's ability to address inflammation. CBD's potential as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) treatment option is also one of the most exciting and widely-applied uses for this incredible compound.

If you think this product might help you, always discuss your self-treatment plans with your primary physician before trying something new.

Always check the label to ensure you understand how much CBD is in each capsule. For example, the CBD capsule discussed in this article contains 15mg of active CBD in each capsule.

Start with taking just one CBD pill to see how it affects you (after consulting with your physician, of course), and then increase the dosage from there as necessary.

Everyone is looking for different things from their CBD dosing and self-treatment, so it may take a little bit of experimentation to find the ideal dose for your needs and goals.

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