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Religious Worship through Fear of Damnation, Judgment, or Reincarnation into a ''perceived'' lesser being. Servitude to a ''Male Deity''. And an overall submissive role for the woman. Oppressing the ''Divine Feminine''.

They killed the advancements of science and kept humanity scared behind the lie of a Devil. Division on the Planet through War and the Hoarding of resources, technology and knowledge. Disempowerment of your true self through a series of chemical, technological, psychological and spiritual Operations.

Chemicals used to disconnect your consciousness. They make it illegal for you to experiment with consciousness. They make natural herbs and medicines illegal while pushing a pharmaceutical agenda.

This is a World where they Kill Creativity and Imagination and replace it with Mimicry at an early age in an Indoctrination School System. A World where they want you to know Nothing but FEAR and Servitude.


The Old Fear Religions will be understood for the allegories they truly represent. Humanity will find Unity with themselves, each other and THE WORLD. We will learn to respect our Women again and not want to Dominate them.

A world where the TRUE DIVINE FEMININE is STRONG and Speaks Out in Defense and Love. And a World where the True DIVINE MASCULINE is KIND and Gentle and sits in Support of Humanity. This is a World where Consciousness and Creativity are Nurtured and Encouraged. This is a World where they use the advancements of Science to work less and create more.

The technology will be used for the people not against the people. This is a World of ABUNDANCE and Plenty. No one will ever Go without. This is a World where our Women and Children can walk alone without fear of being assaulted. This is a World with Evolutionary DNA. This DNA has over came the LIGHT VIRUS of FEAR.

This is the name of the tool the OLD WORLD ORDER has used against the consciousness of Humanity. This is a WORLD where Self Empowerment is Cultivated from an Early Age. Take Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Responsibilities for all of your actions upon yourself and others....

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