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Metaphysics: The Sacred Geometry of Unity Consciousness

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

Most often when the term ‘four dimensions of geometry’ is mentioned, people generally assume the subject is about the mapping of a place in coordinates.

A coordinate in three-dimensional space is a point of intersection of three lines by way of three directions, or three dimensions. One line goes up and down, another goes forward and backward, and the third goes across, left and right. The lines can also be imagined as planes intersecting in the same manner, as pictured below.

When we talk of four dimensional geometry, the first three dimensions are spatial, and the fourth dimension is temporal — the dimension of time. Time, including the past, present and future, is the fourth dimension. With these four dimensions we can precisely point to a location in time and space, plotting the geometry of points, lines, planes and solids.

Each of the four dimensions are based on contrasts or polarities. There is up/down, left/right, and forward/backward in the spatial dimensions, and there is fundamental polarity in the alignment of the lines or planes of those dimensions.

The temporal dimension, however, is not just the contrast of past and future. Quantum physics and metaphysics alike suggests there is time and timelessness. The polarity represented by the temporal dimension of time is the past, present and future contrasted with timelessness. On one end of the contrasts places time being everywhere and yet in nothing; the other end of the contrast places time nowhere and yet in everything.

Conceptualizing timelessness within physical orientation is difficult for the linear mind, for timelessness is metaphysical. Tibetan Buddhist concepts specifically refer to four aspects of time; past, present, future, and timelessness. At the same time, the comprehension of timelessness is related to quantum physics, which holds that we supersede the limitations of basic cause and effect of space time; that consciousness rules space as well as time, instead of space and time confining and determining all.

One way to begin to imagine the concept of timelessness is through consideration of the Chakra system. The Chakras are sometimes associated with organs and glands, and are said to spin clockwise and be stacked in a certain physical layering, but Chakras are not fixed in time, nor space. As energetic portals, the Chakra system exists in a way that is beyond three dimensional placement and time restriction, in an amorphous condition in the space of timelessness. When biological position is used to relate ideas in the Chakra system, it pertains to symbolic aspects of the Chakras.

“Time is the following; that being which in as much as it is, is not, and in as much as it is not, is. It is intuited becoming.” — Wilhelm Hegel (*The accuracy of the source of this quote is questionable, however the idea itself is splendid enough to be worth mention.)

Consciousness measured in quantum physics experiments bypasses the typical limitations of space and time we have become accustomed to, and perhaps also accustomed ourselves to. For this reason, meditation as a practice of consciousness enables better understanding of timelessness and potentiates our quantum consciousness. Meditation, like quantum physics, deals with energy unrestricted by the constrictions of space and time. It enhances our understanding of the potential we might not be constricted and hinged by sociological and psychological limitations we have set upon ourselves, as well as constraints upon our very own consciousness set up by our own consciousness, allowing us to be more in tune with space and time as well as feeling somehow beyond space and time.

Comprehension of timelessness opens up quantum consciousness, and meditation provides for the clarity needed for comprehension. Without the hindrances of our very own thoughts and emotions, and our very own physical limitations, our minds can move beyond space time limitations we have set upon ourselves in a quantum consciousness manner. When we are operating in quantum consciousness, strange things occur. Placebo healing, considered theoretically impossible, actually happens, as do other correlating and coincidental events that defy the limitations of the typical four dimensional physical construct.

The Consciousness Dynamic

The ability for geometric concepts to be used outside of their original design is revealing of their power as a comprehension tool. The more potent tools are compatible and applicable to many systems, and go beyond their original design, so as to become metaphysical.

Metaphysics is based on integration rather than compartmentalization. Quantum consciousness and the meditative mind state operate in this same manner, going beyond the obvious dimension of placement. Quantum physics suggests there are perhaps connections through the temporal structure that supersede the spatial, and further aspects of consciousness that supersede the temporal structure as well the temporal. A major part of quantum physics contains the uncanny idea that what we commonly understand as being insubstantial and intangible is actually more substantial to our existence than what we perceive as substantial and tangible.

Quantum physics experiments suggest that consciousness can influence the trajectory and nature of light in manners that are not confined by the laws of time and space. The idea that consciousness can influence anything at all, let alone light, let alone light in a manner that supersedes time, is astounding. That consciousness influences light in this manner is astounding on its own, as are the implications and questions it raises; yet what is more remarkable is that consciousness exerts an influence without trying to do so — by simply observation.

The measurable effect of consciousness in quantum physics demands an enhanced understanding of the spatial and temporal dimensions. Moreover, this dynamic or power apparent in quantum physics experiments demands and enhanced understanding of our very own consciousness, and suggests the value of meditation to refine our conscious observation.

This dynamic, this consciousness potential, may have been known as a Siddhi among yogis. A sanskrit noun that essentially means “attainment” or “realization”, a Siddhi is best understood as quantum consciousness cultivated through meditation. However gaining Siddhis is not the point of meditation, and further, it is said that if gaining Siddhis is your focus in meditation then they will not become. Siddhis are side effects of meditation practice toward gaining enlightenment such as enhanced intuitive awareness.

Meditation practice of whatever sort assists gaining clarity. The more clear we are the more easily we realize everything is connected in a manner more substantial than the material, in a way resembling unity expansion and totality. The less muddied our perception the more we are able to visualize, perceive and act unhindered. The more refined our comprehension, the more sensitive our perception the more easily we note that the origins of entirety is light and energy, and unify with that energy. The more we raise our spirit the more capable we become of moving past spatial and temporal limitations in a timeless manner, exemplified by eliminating negative patterns and enhancing intuition, for instance.

The Four Worlds of The Kabbalah

As our senses and sensibility become more refined, the more real and substantial the immaterial becomes and the less important the material world becomes. This idea is at the core of The Four Worlds of The Kabbalah, and the corresponding ten Sephirots (divine attributes) of the Tree of Life. The Four Worlds of the Kabbalah are sometimes known as Emanation, Creation, Formation, and Fabrication. We exist in the world of fabrication, the material. The Four Worlds and the ten attributes of the Sephirots contain numerous lessons of great depth, and at the basis or core of The Tree of Life of Kabbalah is The Four Worlds.

One way to comprehend the concept is to break down the etymology of the word “Kabbalah”, by noting the two major words it comprises: kabb or kaba is Hebrew for cube, and alah or Allah is God. Literally, it describes the cube of God, with The Tree of Life expressed through its four dimensions.

Our world of material existence, the world of Fabrication, begins in the spiritual world of Emanation and the energy moves through the other worlds before manifesting here. The world of Emanation is the spiritual void and from it the other worlds originate. Creation originates from the most subtle world of Emanation, Formation comes from Creation, and the material world of Fabrication comes from Creation. Each of the Four Worlds is correlated to symbols of elements, geometric dimensions, Tarot suits, and human attributes, all of which represent a Matrix of Four. Each contains masculine and feminine potentials, but each tends to embody one or the other more so.

  • The world of Emanation correlates with the element of fire, the Tarot symbol of wands, the dimension of the line, and our will. The linear wands symbol is masculine. When viewed internally this world correlates with our mind in total, a mind of higher thinking and being, a unified brain connected to an open heart.

  • The world of Creation correlates with the element of water, the Tarot symbol of cups, the dimension of the volume, and our emotion. The cup is feminine. When viewed internally this world correlates with the Neocortex, the contemplating brain.

  • The world of Formation correlates with the element of air, the Tarot symbol of swords, the dimension of the point, and our thought. The sword is masculine. When viewed internally this world correlates with the Limbic System of mammalian brain, a slightly higher thinking than the Reptilian Brain.

  • The physical world of Fabrication correlates with the element of Earth, the Tarot symbol of coins, the dimension of the plane, and the material. The coin is feminine. When viewed internally this world correlates with what is known as the instinctual ‘Reptilian Brain’.

Our physical senses only note a small portion of the known physical world. What we do not notice, we frequently assume to be nonexistent even though there is much more going on than we are able sense. It is only natural to initially assume there is nothing more, but it is juvenile to maintain this perception. According to The Four Worlds concept of The Kabbalah, it is the spiritual world of Emanation that is more substantial and more real, and from which all begins. It is there that subtle energy originates, on which all else is dependent. And most people are restricted from sensing this due to the limitations of our material being. When these limitations are unconceived, the corresponding lacking clarity is only increased, and our perception and potential becomes limited. Only through gaining clarity do we develop sensitivity to the roots of reality.

The situations of the material realm of Fabrication originate in the spiritual realm of Emanation; the world of timelessness, the void, the divine light. The material reality begins as spiritual energy and traverses through the other worlds of Creation and Formation before being noted by our physical senses. So despite our basic notions of material and immaterial, The Four Worlds puts forth the idea that what we perceive as the immaterial is more substantial, more primal, and more significant than what we perceive as material. When the spiritual worlds are understood the material world becomes elementary to the point of predictability.

Tara and the Tarot

The Four Worlds of The Kabbalah and ten attributes of The Tree of Life reflect and are related to the Tarot cards of four suits, each with ten numbered cards. The relations may be simply in their shared metaphysics, but it’s likely more tethered. Metaphysics seeks to find the connections beyond space time and the humanity beyond culture or nation. And so it is really no wonder that metaphysics in relation to such subtle energy is as intricately related as The Kabbalah and Tarot seem to be.

The Tarot cards are mostly known for their use as a tool to intuit information through the cards and consciousness. Card readings pierce space time so to speak, to view timelessness and thereby make predictions or readings based on the energy of the cards. Yet the Tarot and Kabbalah are mainly about measuring energy and communicating/interpreting the energies and life lessons. The depth of the Tarot and the Kabbalah is potentially limitless, and yet there are profound primal lessons which maintain their profundity and applicability no matter how many other concepts one learns.

The Tarot is made up of 78 cards. The Major Arcana comprises 22 cards, numbered 0 through 21. The Minor Arcana comprises four types or suits; swords, wands, pentacles and cups. There are 14 cards in each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana, 56 in total.

The Tarot cards are said to access the divine feminine energy, the Universal Yin energy, the timeless Akashic, enabling us to contemplate, intuit, and comprehend the spiritual and more subtle worlds so as to more accurately comprehend the material world.

The divine feminine energy is specifically represented in Tibetan Buddhism by the Goddess Tara. A deity common to Buddhism and Hinduism, Tara is most known for her form as Green Tara however there are 21 colors of Tara, akin to the 21 numbered cards of The Major Arcana of the Tarot. (In Vedic concepts 21 symbolizes the human form, 20 for each digit, our fingers and toes, and 1 for self.) Tara is said to offer healing and liberation in manners that pierce space and time limitations when her mantra — Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha — is repeated with devotion and repetition.

The unification of these metaphysical traditions, each capable of standing on its own, is enhanced by their correspondences, numerically and energetically. The metaphysical unity of the diverse traditions harkens to their value for individuation, intuition and energy comprehension, but also points to the true unity of humanity. The sacred geometry of energy and energetic relationships within the metaphysical concepts of Kabbalah, Tarot and Tara clarifies and unifies, along with offering signification of each concept. Connecting such traditions, which had possibly been prior split in a fashion similar to the division of language in the allegory of The Tower of Babylon, leads to enhancement of these ideas.

Final Thoughts

“When all activity has ceased and you simply are, just to be, that’s what meditation is. You cannot do it, you cannot practice it, you have only to understand it. And whenever you can find time to just be, and drop all doing –thinking is also doing, concentration is also doing, contemplation is also doing– even for a single moment if you are not doing anything and you are just at your center, utterly relaxed, that is meditation. And once you have got the knack of it you can remain in that state as long as you want.” — Osho

All too frequently we are caught up in mental, physical and emotional turbulence resulting in lacking clarity and even rigidity. Lacking clarity we cannot get the knack of being so to speak because we are stuck in the basic and the grossness rather than void of such. Rigidity in thinking and being processes result from lack of clarity and negative patterns emerge. When we approach the energy of systems rather than the results of the energies we can naturally better understand, overcome and influence. In order to gain clarity in a body of water settling must occur, a settling of agitation. In order to gain clarity in our own body a settling must occur, a settling of attention. Stillness, rather than insistence, offers opportunity for settling of attention, and clarity.

Many times we might have an idea of what we are looking to accomplish or develop in our meditation practice, sometimes we can use meditation as opportunity to simply get out of our own way, to move beyond our limitations and our pains. Without clearing the mud of the mundane physical, mental and emotional attachments and so on, we will not be able to instill the feelings of oneness with the universal, the unity expansion. We have to feel in order to reveal and then heal using our attention, or without our attention we settle for discord and muddied perspective, and even forget that we are lacking clarity at all.

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