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Marilyn Monroe was “Eliminated” because she knew ALIENS existed

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Marilyn Monroe was the blonde film goddess of the silver screen. She starred in several notable films in the forties and fifties.

But she was not only a blonde bombshell she had real talent she could act, sing and dance making her a marketable sensation of that time. Unfortunately, it all came to a tragic end on August 6, 1962, when she was found without life in her home by her housekeeper.

However, there have always been those who believed that Marilyn Monroe’s passing away wasn’t as cut and dry as authorities made it out to be and suspected that the blonde starlet met with foul play and with good reason.

In the time before her passing away, Marilyn had been romantically linking to not one but two notable political figures of that time. Both from the prominent Kennedy family dynasty.

The 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Some had held a conspiracy theory that Monroe had to threaten to expose her affairs with both men when they both dropped her in favor of a duty to this country something that may not have well with those wanting to protect their reputations, and she was eliminated as a result. A possible conspiracy theory so no wonder if has survived over fifty years in the public conscious.

But now a new theory has emerged that some believe could also be true, that Monroe through these involvements found out about the governments cover up of actual UFO visitations on American soil and she threatens to expose this.

This theory is back by creditable ufologist Dr. Steven Greer who has documented several critical elements of this part of history, putting together pieces of a complex puzzle believing that it leads to Monroe being eliminated to keep the UFO cover-up intact.

Base on Greer’s finding Monroe was a woman scorned and was determined to disgrace not only the Kennedy brothers but the US government as well and felt that exposing the UFO cover-up that had been going on for decades and she now had proof existed was a way to do this.

There is also proof that both Monroe and Bobby Kennedy’s phones had been wiretapped, and Marilyn regularly phoned Bobby to let her feelings be known.

“Marilyn threatened to have the press conference, as well as might tell all.” Greer was quoted as saying about one phone conversation that occurs between the two. Greer went on to elaborate about how Monroe may have fallen into the trap. “It’s a heartbreaking situation simply because she was a star, she did not comprehend the nationwide security condition. She also did not get the viciousness of those who would like to keep these types of secrets.”

As for this theory, it’s not only that an of Dr. Greers any longer an anew film explores whether Monroe could have been taken out due to an elaborate cover-up.

As for JRK and Robert Kennedy, as history tragically points out, they were both guns down in two other conspiracy theories that won’t die down. So, three lives were taken before their time, and all we are left with is more questions than answers as to why.

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