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We are an online store dedicated in improving you!

We not only sell cool stuff, we also want to help you thrive!


 We share amazing information dedicated to teach you great ways to improve your life: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our Members get to learn about different topics in our VIP Knowledge Center about Building Good Habits, Healthy Food, Free Books, and other ton of incredible information! 


We find the best reliable information available through out the internet and deliver it to you! We don't want you to get bored or misinformed. We want you to get excited and have lots of fun browsing around in our website for cool and interesting stuff like: 

Alternative News, Interesting Stories & Events: Arts & Culture, Spiritual Stuff, Psychedelic Stuff, Lifestyle & Society News, Conspiracy Theory Stuff, Interesting Facts & More!

We also provide you different sections in our website for your full enjoyment like a Clothing and Products Store where you can buy Amazing Stuff like Cool Toys, Gadgets, Electronics, Home & Living Products & More!

You can also find Cool & Entertaining Videos: Music Videos, Comedy, TV Shows & Movies, Awesome Documentaries, Celebs, Arts & Culture, Pranks & Fails, Cartoons & Animation & More!​

And in another awesome part of our website we show you how to make money online using our Complete Video Training for you to become and Online Ticket Broker! You can make from $100 to $2000 per week applying everything you learned here!

Third Eye Magazine News Podast Spiritual Blog Stories MAG Store Videos Psychedelic Interesting Stuff

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The more healing work I do,
the more I realize nature is
one of the greatest teachers
and healers gifted to us.




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Third Eye Magazine News Podast Spiritual Blog Stories MAG Store Videos Psychedelic Interesting Stuff

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Third Eye Magazine News Podast Spiritual Blog Stories MAG Store Videos Psychedelic Interesting Stuff
EPISODE 01: How 911 Changed The World (Part 1)

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